Archive Products

Photo Archive Stickers
Ideal for record folders and placement cards, Photo Archive stickers come alphabetized by class or grade for ease of use.

Barcoded ID Cards
Available for faculty and students, these hard plastic cards are suitable for wearing and displaying at all times.

QuickScan ID Cards
For students, QuickScan ID Cards are perfect for cafeteria or library use and are designed for fast scanning.

Database Images
Available in all county admin database program formats, including SIS, SASI, Starbase and Reddiker.

A popular item, used by medical, registrars and school security staff.

Faculty Portraits
Provided complimentary, all faculty images include retouching.

Faculty Group Picture
Showcase your talent and build school spirit. Ours are provided complimentary for each faculty member along with a large framed picture for display in your school office.

Our Motivating Success Program
Recognize your staff, volunteers and students with our Motivating Success Program.

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