Customized Yearbook Order Envelopes and Online Ordering Reminders
Please provide us with the information below which will appear on your literature

To assist you with yearbook orders, we'll provide enough customized Yearbook Order Envelopes or Online Ordering Reminders for all
of your students. A Sales and Marketing Kit fee of $30 will be added to your final invoice for costs associated with printing yearbook
order envelopes, Hallway PostersHallway Poster , a 3x5 foot Vinyl BannerVinyl Banner and Yearbook Sales Reports.

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Choose to Offer Online Ordering for Parents
Authorize us to offer your yearbook for sale online at

Online yearbook ordering allows parents to use a credit card and also allows you to put yearbook ordering links directly in your newsletters and
emails to parents. Studies show that people with children are more likely to use credit cards for small purchases (41%) compared to people without
children (30%). We recommend allowing parents to order their yearbook online to help increase parent participation.

Just like envelope orders, all online orders appear on your sales report and are delivered to your school for distribution. A $1.47 credit card
processing fee will be applied to online orders at the time of purchase.

How Should We Notify You of Online Orders?
Choose to receive an email each time a parent orders or receive on-demand Yearbook Sales Reports, sorted alphabetically or by class

Due to the increasing volume of online ordering, you can now opt-out of individual email confirmations every time a parent orders online. Instead, you can request a Yearbook Sales Report, provided either alphabetically or sorted by class. These reports are available on-demand and also provided monthly from February to June.

Yearbook Sales Reports
An up-to-date accounting of all online and envelope orders submitted to Splendid Portraits

If you select online ordering or checks are made payable to Splendid, you can request Yearbook Sales Reports which combine envelope and online
orders into one convenient report. Provided either alphabetically or sorted by class, Sales Reports keep you current, assist you with distribution and
meet all county audit requirements. These reports are also provided monthly from February to June.

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