What's Going to Happen
Our photographer will capture the flavor of a typical school day by photographing the various goings-on around your school for half a day.

Our photographer will roam the school, going from room to room taking pictures of the teachers, your students and all of the things that make your school special. We'll take a picture of each doorway as we enter a room so that you'll know which images belong to which classroom. Pretty clever.

We'll also take pictures of your school office and administrators.

4 Ways to Prepare
1. Tell your teachers ahead of time that a photographer will be taking images for the yearbook.

2. Have your Yearbook Adviser prepare a list of special images they want captured.

3. If you plan to photograph groups of faculty members, set a time for them to assemble.

4. To save space in the yearbook, consider grouping your Resource and Specialist teachers together.

After Candid Day
We'll email you a link to download your professionally cropped and edited candid images; ready for use in the yearbook.

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