1-2 Weeks Before Picture Day Distribute Materials and Promote Picture Day

Distribute Picture Order Envelopes
Instruct teachers to send these envelopes home a week or two before picture day.

Reminder: One Envelope Per Costume
Remind parents that each student needs a separate Picture Order Envelope per costume. Students should have their envelope in hand as they come to the camera.

Schedule Classes
Please refer to the literature in your Picture Day is Coming box to schedule times for your classes.

Display Provided Posters
We recommend hanging our posters in high traffic areas by the front door or in the studio lobby.

Have Teachers Make Announcements
Announcements are a fun way to remind students about picture day. We recommend making announcements several times.

Email, Tweet and Facebook
This has become the most popular way to remind everyone about picture day.

On Picture Day
Our photographers will arrive one hour before start time to set-up their equipment and get ready.

5 Helpful Tips for Picture Day
1. Publicize Portraits
Studios that actively promote portraits as a fundraiser achieve signifigantly higher parent participation.

2. Have Students Arrive 15 Minutes Early
This allows for last minute costume and make-up adjustments and enables our photographers to stay on schedule.

3. Keep Extra Envelopes in the Lobby
These extras will help those that have lost or forgot theirs on picture day.

4. Help with Crowd Control
We've found that it works best having the parents stay in a waiting area while the students are escorted by their teacher to the photography area.

5. Relax :)
We're professionals and photograph dozens of studios each year.

3 Most Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do Parents Have to Prepay for Pictures?
Yes, parents must complete a Picture Order Envelope for each package they'd like to purchase. The photographer will collect these envelopes from the students as they are photographed on picture day.

2. When Will We Recieve Our Finished Pictures?
We ship finished portraits in about two weeks.

3. Can More Than One Child Be Photographed?
Yes, we often photograph two siblings together. Parents should select their individual package as normal and indicate they would like the siblings photographed together on the envelope.

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