1-2 Weeks Before Picture Day

Handout Portrait Notices
Everyone is photographed, so instruct teachers to send home notices to everyone about two weeks before picture day.

Use Reminder Stickers
Instruct teachers to send Tomorrow is Picture Day stickers home with students the day before picture day so that everyone remembers to dress up.

Make Announcements
Announcements are a fun way to remind students and staff about picture day. We recommend making an announcement a few times before picture day.

School Newsletter
Include a blurb in your newsletter to get the word out. To make it fun, put a piece of funny clip art next to the announcement.

Email, Tweet and Facebook
This has become the most popular way to remind everyone about picture day.

Hang a Poster
Hang a poster in a high traffic area like the front door or in the school lobby.

Schedule Your Classes
Have teachers sign up for a convenient time, avoiding any gaps. We strongly recommend scheduling your youngest to oldest.

On Picture Day

We'll Arrive an Hour Early
Our photographers will arrive about an hour before starting time to set-up their equipment and get ready. If we need a few chairs or a table, we'll let you know.

Make an Announcement
Teachers often ask for some instructions on picture day.

Suggested Wording for Teachers
Today is school picture day and everyone will be photographed! Since no prepayment is necessary, all students and faculty will be photographed. Finished pictures will be delivered in about 3 weeks so that parents can view their portraits and purchase any part of the package.

The photographers will have combs available for each student. Please try and keep and your students clean and neat until after their pictures are taken.

Your scheduled picture time is posted in the office so try and arrive on time so we can stay on schedule.

Thank you for your help today.

What's in a Package?

"Schools that actively promote portraits as a fundraiser achieve signifigantly higher parent participation."

6 Suggestions for Allowing Parents to View and Purchase Their Portraits
1. Don't Allow Parents to Take Them Home
Due to scanning and copyright issues, we strongly recommend that you don't allow parents to take these portraits home.

2. Track Any Packages Returned
You can use Picture Collection Sheets to keep a list of any packages sent home for review.

3. Time Matters
Our experience is that the sooner parents are told to review and purchase their portraits, the better the participation.

4. Use a Deadline
When it comes to purchases, people naturally procrastinate. Create a sense of urgency with wording like "The company needs a full accounting in 3 days."

5. Send Reminders
We recommend sending reminders about 3 days after you start allowing parents to view their portraits. Here's some suggested wording: "In a few days we have to give a full accounting to the photographer and would appreciate you coming to school to either view your child's portraits."

6. You Don't Have to Open or Count Anything
We'll do that for you and email you to arrange for a pickup.

3 Most Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do Parents Have to Buy the Whole Package?
No, parents may purchase any combination of pictures they want.

2. May Parents Combine Packages?
Since this is a fundraiser, prices are set for individual packages only. For families purchasing 2 or more packages, a 10% discount may be applied.

3. How Do I Encourage Participation?
Use wording such as: "Portraits are a valuable school fundraiser and go toward the purchase of school supplies and other valuable items. Your help is appreciated."

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