About 2 Weeks Before Picture Day Distribute Materials

Picture Order Envelopes
Our literature is simple to understand, graphically oriented and bilingual. Parents can purchase using a check, cash or credit card online at SplendidPrepay.com.

Reminder Stickers
Instruct teachers to Tomorrow is Picture Day stickers home with students to encourage higher parent participation.

Collection Bag
These are for teachers to collect and bring their envelopes to the camera on picture day.

Promoting Picture Day

Morning Announcements
Announcements are a fun way to remind students and staff to dress appropriately and arrive on time.

School Newsletter
Include a blurb in your newsletter to get the word out. To make it fun, put a piece of funny clip art next to the announcement.

Email, Tweet and Facebook
This has become the most popular way to remind everyone about picture day.

Hallway Posters
Hang posters in high traffic areas like the front door or in the school lobby.

Parent Helpers
Line up helps to help comb hair and fix collars on picture day. As a show of our gratitude, we provide Parent Volunteer Vouchers.

Allows parents to pay with a credit or debit card. This information is on their Picture Order Envelope. Be sure to email your parents with a link to SplendidPrepay.com.

How to Schedule Picture Day

Picture Day Schedule
Based on your enrollement and starting time, a suggested schedule is printed on your Notice Cover Sheet.

Reminder Emails
Be on the lookout for reminder emails with suggestions about how to promote and schedule your classes.

Class Scheduling Sheet
Have teachers sign up for a convenient time, avoiding any gaps. We strongly recommend scheduling youngest to oldest, before art and gym class.

On Picture Day

The Space We'll Need
We need a large space like your gym or auditorium. This will allow our photographers to organize the flow of students and stay on schedule.

When We Arrive
Our photographers will arrive about one hour before starting time to setup their equipment and get ready. If we need some additional chairs or a table or two, we'll let you know.

Make an Annoucment
Teachers often ask for some instructions on picture day.

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