Our Privacy Policy for Visitors to Our Websites
This website is owned and operated by Splendid Portraits, a trusted provider of photographic products and services to schools, teams, dance studios and other organizations throughout the eastern United States. We are sensitive to the privacy concerns of visitors to our websites. We do not obtain any personal information that individually identifies you (e.g., your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.) unless you provide it to us. This policy explains our online information practices and the choices you have as a visitor to this site about the collection and use of your information.
What Information Is Collected And How Is It Used?
We only collect personally identifiable information about you to the extent you specifically provide it to us. This includes, for example, the information you provide when you contact us to place an order, contact customer service, register for a service or respond to a survey.
We use this information to provide the products, services or benefits you request, to develop and improve our products and services, to improve the content of our site and its usefulness to you and for infrequent marketing and promotional purposes, when permitted by you.
Splendid Portraits does not sell, trade or share the information you provide us through this website with third parties for their marketing purposes. We may share this information with outside vendors and organizations that provide support services to us such as helping us fulfill customer orders. If so, these parties are authorized to use the information solely in conjunction with the specific service they provide to or on behalf of Splendid Portraits.
Safeguarding Information
We may also be required to share information you provide us through this website in other limited circumstances. For example, to respond to judicial process, to comply with state, federal or local laws, to protect the security or integrity of our databases or website, to take precautions against liability or, to the extent required by law, to provide information to law enforcement agencies.
We protect against unauthorized disclosures by limiting access to employees and contractors of Splendid Portraits who need the information to do their jobs. We also give them guidelines for adhering to our strict confidentiality policies. In the limited circumstances that we provide information to outside companies, we restrict it to only the information we believe is appropriate to enable them to carry out their responsibilities. We require that the information provided be used only for the specifically authorized purpose and that its strict confidentiality be maintained.
Other Information About You
In addition to personal information you provide us through this website, we utilize technology that lets us know what type of browser you are using, the website from which you enter, and the pages you view as you tour the site. This technology does not identify you personally, it simply helps us compile statistics about our visitors and their use of our site. We use these statistics to improve our website design and content. SplendidPortraits.com does not use cookies but does use session variable programming that stores visitor-entered data only during the duration of that specific visit to SplendidPortraits.com.
Occasionally, we will inform you about our products and services, including any special promotions and coupons. We may contact you from time to time by email to inform you of such offers. We will only do so if you permit us to, when entering your user information. If you are contacted and do not wish to receive further information or contacts, follow the remove instructions contained within that email. We will act promptly to honor your request and remove your name from our contact list. Even if we remove your name from use with promotional emails, you may still receive communications from Splendid Portraits if necessary, for example, in connection with a pending order or customer service issue.
SplendidPortraits.com does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. If a child has provided personally identifiable information through the SplendidPortraits.com website, we ask that a parent or guardian contact SplendidPortraits.com in writing, addressed to our corporate office at 7297 Lee Highway, Suite L Falls Church, VA 22042, Attention: Website Customer Service or CustomerService@SplendidPortraits.com and we will do our best to delete the information from our files.
Your Consent
By using the SplendidPortraits.com website, you consent to our use of your information as described in this Privacy Policy. As we implement new technology and introduce new services, we will update our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy at any time, without advance notice. Should a new policy go into effect, we will post it on this site, and the policy will apply to all information collected.
For further information regarding this website privacy statement or related Splendid Portraits policies and procedures, please contact our administrative office at: Splendid Portraits, Inc. 7297 Lee Highway, Suite L, Falls Church, VA 22042, Attention: Webmaster.
Revised August, 2015

Our Privacy Pledge Concerning Safeguarding of Student Privacy
Splendid Portraits recognizes it shared responsibility for ensuring student data privacy by supplying clearer privacy policies and educating customers and clients about security guidelines and regulations. As part of our mission, Splendid photographs students and tags those student images to only student data provided by the school and/or parent.
What Information Is Collected And How Is It Used?
We collect, use, share and retain student images and personal information only for purposes for which we are authorized by the educational institution, county, teacher or the parent/student.
We collect, use, share and retain student images and personal information only for purposes for which we are authorized by the educational institution, county, teacher or the parent/student. The data needed for picture day depends upon the products and services requested by the school. We collect basic roster and classroom information in advance of picture day to match images with the names. in some cases, school data is incorporated into school archival products. For example, Splendid Portraits sometimes produces student and faculty ID cards which are readable by cafeteria and library barcode scanners. In this case, student and faculty ID numbers are required. Schools ultimately decide what information is used in producing archival products.
In order to create consistent and professional portraits, Splendid Portraits uses one-pass facial recognition technology to consistently size the student and faculty images for the yearbook and archival products. No data, other than the re-sized image, is retained.
How does Splendid disclose it's Privacy Policy
As part of Splendid Portraits' contracts with schools and counties, our privacy policies are clearly disclosed in our Picture Programs Summaries, RFP Contracts, employee handbooks and picture day literature distributed to parents; including what types of personal information are collected and the purpose the information is used. Splendid Portraits provides, upon request by authorized county agencies, under the authority of county-wide contracts, access to and correction of student information, either by assisting the educational institution in meeting it's requirements or when the information is collected from the student with student/parent consent. For example, Splendid will assist schools in editing student data to correct inaccuracies and will also correct inaccuracies as they are discovered upon data input.
How does Splendid Protect School Data?
Splendid Portraits maintains a security program that is designed to protect the security and privacy of data by limiting access to student images and data only to authorized users through the use rigorous technology barriers, passwords, vulnerability scanning, background checks and security protocols. Physical safeguards are also in place which protect unauthorized access to storage drives and databases. These databases do not store any payment information from parents and do not associate images with emails. For security purposes, models are used on our website and literature.
No student information is shared with outside vendors in order to implement any contract commitments. In the case of a merger or acquisition, our privacy policies will convey.
Splendid Portraits:
  • Does not collect, maintain, use or share student images and/or personal information beyond the exclusive purpose as authorized by the educational institution, county, teacher or the parent/student.
  • Does not sell student information.
  • Does not use or disclose student information for behavioral targeting of advertising.
  • Does not build a profile of any student.
  • Does not make any changes to our privacy policies without first providing notice to all account holders and interested parties and make material changes to policies or practices governing the use of student personal information that are inconsistent with contractual requirements.
  • Does not retain student personal information beyond the time period required to support the purpose as authorized by the educational institution, county, teacher or the parent/student.
This Pledge is neither intended as a comprehensive privacy policy nor to be inclusive of all requirements needed to achieve compliance with applicable federal or state laws. However, Splendid acknowledges it's obligation as a service provider to schools and we affirm the legitimate need for student, faculty and school data to be protected.
Revised October, 2015

We've signed the student privacy pledge endorsed by President Obama. Learn more at Student Privacy Pledge.org.

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