Please Send Two Files

1. Student Data File containing all students

2. Faculty Data File containing all faculty and staff members

We'll convert this data to barcodes and attach those barcodes to everyone's Picture Order Envelope or camera card as they come to the camera.

Include These Data Fields

1. Last Name

2. First Name

3. Teacher, Advisor or Homeroom
Packages will be sorted using this field.

4. Grade and/or Section

5. Student or Faculty ID Number

6. Email Addresses (Optional)
If you want to use ParentReminder to share information about picture day.

Acceptible File Formats

1. Microsoft Excel File
Each student or faculty record must be a row and each record should be separated from the next by placing the data in a separate cell.

2. CSV File from your Database
Each student or faculty record is one line of the text file. Each field of a record is separated from the next with a comma.

Sorry, we can't accept a PDF or a Fax.


Include parent emails with your data and we'll automatically send reminders:
  • 7 days before picture day
  • 3 days before picture day
  • The day before picture day

ParentReminder is Splendid's optional free service to help schools remind parents about picture day.
  • Saves you time by not having to email parent reminders.
  • You'll answer fewer picture day questions.
  • Parents will love getting gentle picture day reminders so they can dress their child appropriately.

2 Ways to Send Your Data

1. Email

2. Mail or UPS
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