1-2 Weeks Before Picture Day Distribute Materials and Promote Picture Day

Distribute Picture Order Envelopes
Athletes should bring their completed envelopes to the camera on picture day.

Display Clubhouse Poster
We recommend hanging our posters in high traffic areas like the clubhouse, bulletin board and concession area.

Email, Tweet and Facebook
This has become the most popular way to remind everyone about picture day.

Have Coaches Make Announcements
Announcements are a fun way to remind athletes about picture day. We recommend making this announcement several times.

On Picture Day

What's Going to Happen First
We'll arrive 30 mins early to set-up equipment and get ready. We'll setup benches and kickboards in the team picture location.

What's Going to Happen Second
We'll start by taking individual portraits until everyone arrives. Once you give us the word, we'll stop to take the team picture.

What's Going to Happen Third
We're going to line the athletes up from shortest to tallest, girls in one line, boys in another. Then, we're going to efficiently compose the group picture.

After the Group Picture
We'll finish up photographing any athletes individually who were not photographed prior to the group picture.

How Long Will it Take?
The entire process takes about 60-90 minutes. The actual time needed to take your team picture is about 20 minutes. The rest of the time, we'll be taking individuals.

4 Helpful Tips for Swim Team Picture Day
1. Publicize Swim Team Picture Day
Teams that actively promote portraits as a fundraiser achieve signifigantly higher parent participation.

2. Have Risers Available
If you don't have them, let us know and we'll bring benches.

3. Help with Crowd Control
Help us to line the athletes up from shortest to tallest immediately before the team picture, girls in one line, boys in another. This will speed things up.

4. Relax :)
We're professionals and photograph over 150 swim teams every summer.

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do Parents Have to Prepay for Pictures?
Yes, parents must complete a Picture Order Envelope for each package they'd like to purchase. The photographer will collect these envelopes from the athletes as they are photographed on picture day.

2. May More Than One Child Appear in the Picture?
Yes, as many as four children may appear in a picture as the parents want.

3. What if it Rains?
Light rain is no problem. Heavy rain or thunder and lightning means we're going to have to reschedule picture day. We'll talk if there's any chance of bad weather.

4. When Will We Recieve Our Finished Pictures?
In about two weeks... always before banquet day.

5. Can We Get Extra Plaques for the Coaches?
Contact our Client Services Representatives for more information.

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