What's Going to Happen
Our photographer is going to take group pictures of your teams and clubs for the yearbook.

Shortly after Team & Club picture day, we'll email you with a link to download your professionally cropped and edited images, ready for use in the yearbook.

How to Schedule
Schedule each group according to the amount of time needed below:

Small (0-30) - 5 minutes
Medium (30-60) - 10 minutes
Large (60+) - 15 minutes

We recommend using our easy to use Picture Day Scheduling form below.

4 Ways to Prepare
1. Find a location with a nice background. Many schools use the stage or in front of a pleasant looking wall.

2. Have risers available.

3. Consider having the smallest groups photographed where they meet.

4. Encourage small or medium groups to bring small props such as athletic equipment for teams and safety wear for patrols. Musical groups should bring their instruments.

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